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"Food Trucks at Nakamura Keith Haring Collection!"

In August, on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays, unique food trucks will come to the museum forest park.

As part of the ongoing "Keith Haring: Downtown Renaissance" exhibition, related events will be held for 13 days, on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays in August. Various food trucks featuring multinational cuisine, freshly baked pizzas, and unique sweets from Yamanashi will be arriving at the museum's "Forest" park on a daily basis, visitors can taste a slice of New York food truck experience.


Enjoy art along with meals amidst the lush greenery, dappled sunlight, and natural surroundings.


  About food truck.  

Food trucks are mobile small kitchens or food establishments, usually installed in trucks or vans. Due to their mobility, these trucks can offer food and drinks in different locations. Food trucks are commonly seen as street vendors or temporary food establishments and are often found on the streets or in public places.


The "Keith Haring: Downtown Renaissance" exhibition, currently being held, unravels Keith Haring's activities in 1980s New York. Food trucks, which are affectionately known as kitchen cars in Japan, are beloved and a daily fixture in the streets and parks of New York. They are essential for New Yorkers' breakfasts, lunches, and after partying all night. In addition to typical American dishes like hot dogs, bagels, and coffee, food trucks also offer a variety of multinational cuisines such as South American and Asian dishes, as well as unique snacks exclusive to food trucks. These diverse menus make them popular not only among locals but also among tourists.

Please enjoy a stroll in the newly renovated museum forest park during early summer of 2023!


The Nakamura Keith Haring Collection was opened in the lush forest of Kobuchizawa to provide an artistic experience in harmony with nature. Designed by architect Atsushi Kitagawara, the museum and the adjacent hotel are integrated into the forest landscape, preserving and utilizing the surrounding trees.


In July 2023, the forest park underwent renovation, featuring new walking trails that allow anyone to explore and experience nature in a fresh way. Visitors can wander through the shade of towering trees and moss-covered woods, fully immersing themselves in the beauty of Kobuchizawa's nature.


  About forest  


Various food trucks, mainly from within Yamanashi prefecture, that are active in the area will be visiting the museum. They will offer menus that allow you to experience the lifestyle of New York, featuring popular casual foods, such as freshly baked pizzas and Asian cuisine. Additionally, they will provide unique menus that showcase local Yamanashi ingredients, including sweets that are exclusive to this region.

Feel free to stop by these food trucks before or after enjoying the art at the museum.


Each day from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM (or until sold out, with some variations at certain locations).



August 6th (Sun), 7th (Mon), 14th (Mon), 21st (Mon), 25th (Fri)

Located in the neighboring town of Fujimi, near Kobuchizawa, we offer a variety of ethnic cuisines with a focus on curry made with carefully selected spices. From Indian-style to Thai-style and more, the dishes available at the food truck are a delightful surprise each day. Our authentic spiced curry will transport you to the vibrant flavors of Southeast Asia.


August 12th (Sat) ,13th (Sun)

An artisanal fruit sandwich shop handmade by the pastry chef, Chami. From their storefront near Kofu Station to the Chami Sandwich truck, a vibrant selection of visually stunning sandwiches awaits. "Chami Sandwich" uses low-fat whipped cream, creating a perfect harmony with the fresh fruits. These juicy fruits are not only refreshing but also packed with nutrients, making them an excellent choice for children as well.



August 12th (Sat) ,13th (Sun)

With the concept of "Tasting Yamanashi's Seasonal Delights in Gelato," this popular shop offers a diverse range of gelato flavors made from carefully selected ingredients and fresh milk sourced within Yamanashi prefecture. Located in Kofu city, the shop underwent a self-renovation and has gained a strong following.


The gelato, crafted with utmost dedication, showcases the unique and delightful flavors of vegetables, fruits, nuts, and more, capturing the essence of each season's offerings.


August 18th (Fri) ,20th (Sun)  from11:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

A trending food truck based in Yamanashi, offering authentic pizzas. The shop owner, RYOKO, who has come out as non-binary and hosts various events, skillfully bakes each pizza with care in a striking red food truck's genuine stone oven. From classic pizzas made with carefully selected ingredients to daily specials, you can indulge in freshly baked pizzas to your heart's content.



August 19th (Sat)

A taco/taco rice and hot sandwich shop active in Kofu City, Kawaguchiko, and other areas of Yamanashi prefecture. Taco rice is an Okinawan dish where the toppings of Mexican tacos are served on rice, and Mugu Mugu Luke's tacos are also influenced by Okinawan flavors. They offer popular options like creamy and piping-hot gratin hot sandwiches, perfect for satisfying your hunger pangs. This will be their first appearance in Hokuto City.


August 26th (Sat) ,27th (Sun)

Based in Nagano Prefecture, this shop handcrafts each and every confection with care, following the concept of "Simple Sweets with Gentle Ingredients." Their kind-hearted confections include treats made with organic ingredients and rice flour, as well as gluten-free options that are friendly to those with allergies. Whether enjoyed amidst the forest or taken as a souvenir, these gentle sweets, reflecting the personality of the shop owner, come highly recommended.



August 26th (Sat) ,27th (Sun)

A pizza place with an impressive logo inspired by the owner's beloved Golden Retriever, Bob. Operating as a food truck, they are based in Karuizawa and making their first appearance in Yamanashi!


Featuring an authentic stone oven, their pizzas are known for their freshly baked, chewy, and fluffy crusts.

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